The Personalized Diet by Dr. Eran Elinav and Dr. Eran Segal

The Pioneering Program to Lose Weight and Prevent Disease

Personal nutrition and health have traditionally been measured by two metrics: the waistline and the scale. However, Drs. Segal and Elinav’s groundbreaking research has revealed that individual blood glucose level reactions to food are the real metric of personal health. By measuring your blood sugar, you’re able to identify the foods that will help your body feel good, lose weight, and prevent disease. The Personalized Diet breaks down the science and offers clear, actionable steps that empower you to take control of your health and discover what diet works best for you.

Your Instructor

Eran Elinav
Eran Elinav

Dr. Elinav co-wrote The Personalized Diet, and is the Principal Investigator of the Elinavn Lab, out of The Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. Alongside his partner Eran Segal, he conducted the Personalized Nutrition Project, a large research study that determined optimal diets are unique to each individual.

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