Rich 20-Something by Daniel DiPiazza

Ditch your job, start an awesome business, and create the life you love at any age

Daniel DiPiazza isn’t just a 20-something, he’s the rich 20-something. He’s the founder of Rich20Something, a platform that seeks to empower those who want to take advantage of the changing landscape of information sharing and become entrepreneurs. Though he studied communications in college, DiPiazza realized after graduating that formal education doesn’t give you the tools you need to pave your own way in the world. A degree can help you navigate the corporate world a bit better, but entrepreneurship still requires plenty of self-education. DiPiazza tested the waters of filmmaking and videography, eventually carving his own path as a respected thought leader in entrepreneurial growth. DiPiazza has identified the importance of capitalizing on the information economy, and now he wants to share the lessons he’s learned and teach others how to use their individual talents to achieve their own entrepreneurial dream.

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Daniel DiPiazza
Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel DiPiazza is a filmmaker and Hollywood influencer. After studying communications in college, he wasn't exactly sure how to use his degree. So, he took the title literally and began communicating ... communicating value. He began creating film and video content and acted as a consultant and freelancer before creating Rich20Something--the book and agency. Now, he helps others escape from their mundane work lives and live their dreams from the start of their careers.

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