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Strategically develop habits and practice good health to achieve lasting success

In Bring Your Whole Self to Work, Mike Robbins pulls back the curtain
of the most effective teams on the planet. What do great leaders have in
common? What makes a team perform greater than its individual parts
would suggest? How do you solve problems before they arise? In short,
there are five key components that answer all these questions and more. To
bring our whole selves to work and therefore thrive, we must: be authentic,
utilize the power of appreciation, focus on emotional intelligence, embrace a
growth mindset, and create a championship team.

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William Shewfelt
William Shewfelt

William Shewfelt is the Red Power Ranger. That's right--the leader of one of the most legendary hand-to-hand combat superhero assemblages of all time. But before being cast as the Red Ranger, William was just a college student. Studying economics, he set his sights on the intimidating goal of becoming a lead actor in a network TV show. Using self-taught goal-achievement strategies and a rigorous health regimen, Will got the role! Now, he's here to teach you how to achieve similar moonshots.

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