Master Your Money Mind by Amber Lilyestrom

The Game-changing Guidebook to Transform Your Mindset and Daily Habits To Attract Massive Abundance

Amber nearly died while giving birth to her daughter. And in that moment,
guess what emotion she primarily felt? Fear? Worry? No. In fact, at first
she felt ANGER. Anger at the fact that she had spent the last years of her
life stressing about a career she wasn’t in love with, instead of optimizing
for spending time with her loved ones, or appreciating what she already
had. And then – after the anger had faded – she felt only LOVE. Blissful,
gracious love. She realized that she had been thinking about money and her
career in all the wrong ways. Money was mastering her mind, instead of the
other way around. And so, with this book she will share her secrets as to
how you can reverse this power dynamic, and take control of your financial
behaviors, attitudes, and overall well-being.

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Adam Markel
Adam Markel

Adam Markel is an advocate of changing your professional and personal life for the better. Though it's never an easy process to up and quit a job, move locations, and re-educate yourself, Adam did it with great success, and his book Pivot will teach you how to as well.

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