The Odyssey by Homer

The Ancient Greek Epic of Odysseus

If you had any form of formal schooling in which you studied western literary canon, you've probably encountered The Odyssey. 3000 years ago, Homer wrote the Epic Poem of epic poems, and it still circulates through literature courses to this day. And, perhaps that's because it contains the ultimate meta-lesson--the ultimate moral-of-the-story. Having aggregated all of the mythology of the time, Homer brings together heroes, gods, monsters, rivals, into a super-story that teaches us something seemingly eternal about ourselves. Jonathon Kendall is going to tell you just what that is.

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Jonathon Kendall
Jonathon Kendall

Jonathon's specialization is writing and communication in all its forms. As a content specialist, it is his job to: read, understand, summarize, teach, and ultimately add to the information offered in self-development books.

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