Fear with Jonathon Kendall

Overcoming your greatest fears and using them to your advantage

Many fears stem from evolutionary biology. We avoid things that can harm us--we fear those that can kill us. But, it's important to accurately assess the things we fear. Heights, disasters, dangerous animals--sure, avoid those if possible. It's also reasonable to be afraid of exile, and be excluded from our social tribes. However, much of what we avoid is actually harmless. Ask yourself, "what's the worst that could happen?" If the answer is "they may not like me," or "I might fail," you have no reason to feel fear. At worst, you may simply be nervous or apprehensive of these things. And even the truly frightening things may offer the greatest learning opportunities. Fear, at its core, is a source of comfort if you listen to it. But you can achieve much more if you embrace fear and seek to overcome.

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Jonathon Kendall
Jonathon Kendall

Jonathon's specialization is writing and communication in all its forms. As a content specialist, it is his job to: read, understand, summarize, teach, and ultimately add to the information offered in self-development books.

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