Fusion by Denise Lee Yohn

Fusing brand identity with company culture to maximize growth and profitability

Fusion is an important word in Denise Yohn’s corporate lexicon because like nuclear fusion that takes place among atoms in the sun, fusion creates power. For Yohn, the fusion is between internal company culture and external brand identity. When you make these two characteristics of your business mutually reinforcing, interdependent, and internally and externally explicit, you succeed. The data proves it. It’s a sad fact that today’s employees are largely unengaged at work––only 13% are considered actively engaged in company culture. But your employee engagement and retention will increase drastically if you fuse culture with brand. Also, your company, like Amazon, Nike, and other massive leaders who have capitalized on the power of fusion, will show better financial performance and increased customer satisfaction.

Your Instructor

Denise Lee Yohn
Denise Lee Yohn

Denise Lee Yohn is author of the book Fusion. She is a renowned speaker and writer, emphasizing the importance of interdependence between company culture and brand image.

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